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Somehow the Prada Replica Handbags from the Fall Winter 2018 Collection goes out of stock as quickly as it goes in. It’s the latest trend with few surprises, but that’s understandable because ‘Mirage’ means optical illusion that’s caused by atmospheric surroundings like appearance of water in the dessert. So let’s see how the optical illusion is expressed on the design of this Mirage Bag.

Is there something missing on the Prada Replica Handbags? Look closer, especially on the things that we often see on other Prada Bags. it’s the triangle leather patch on the front of the bag. But where is the logo? Where is the Prada Milano signature? So they left it out.

Instead a new logo has emerged. It’s a bright colored logo embellished on the lower part of the bag. Instead of putting the logo in the center, it’s crafted on the right side and it features a horizontal stripe that goes all the way to the back.

But what’s more? Besides these features, the overall style is quite minimalistic. There are no other prints or unnecessary things added. The leather choice for the Mirage Bag is soft calf leather for the durable and elegant touch.

The Replica Prada Bags version also includes a long leather shoulder strap. The strap can be removed or adjusted to your comfort.

Zip the bag open to start loading up your daily essentials. Inside there are two pockets and including one with zipper closure. Measuring 14 x 7 x 21 (H x L x W), priced at $1650 USD, £1150 GBP.